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Our Mission

F12Games is a company that was formed for the express purpose of acquiring the game Evernight "The Reign of Darkness.". F12Games' two founding members are Ken Smith (Glaxono) and Mike Smith (Teroth).

Who We Are

We are an active game development and marketing company providing quality online multi-player turn-based strategy games to the player community. Our development team is currently focused on reviving the game Evernight "The Reign of Darkness."

Development Team

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Ken Smith

(Currently playing as Glaxono)

I have been playing various turn-based strategy games since I could reach the keyboard. I also have an affinity towards MMO's such as Vanguard, Rift, Everquest I and II, and occasionally a few WWII FPS games. I have 20 years of business experience in top-level management and accounting. As a business owner of web-based services for the past 10 years, I have designed several consumer sites using asp.net/SQL server technology.

I will be co-managing all aspects of the design, development, and promotion of all F12 Games products.

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Mike Smith

(aka Teroth, aka Temptations)

I was actually introduced to Evernight by Ken way back around June of 2001. I joined shortly thereafter and was immediately hooked. I enjoy everything about the game; the community, the strategy and planning, the in-game politics, the multiplayer interaction, the suspense of waiting to see the results of the tick.

My main areas of responsiblity and focus will be on technical web development, asp.net MVC, C#, javascript, and SQL Server.

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James M. Cruce

(aka wyrm419)

I have been playing RPG's and strategy games since ’85. From the time when I received that first Nintendo Entertainment System, one of three (thanks mom), gaming has been fully ingrained into all aspects of the person I am today… I was first introduced to Evernight during its heyday way back in ’02, an impressionable young man, I fell in love with Midia and have never looked back. A veteran of many epic battles, both on the front lines and within the community, the realm of darkness has always set alight the dimmest recesses of my heart.
-J Cruce

Lead Graphics & UI/UX Designer

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Contract Artwork

Contract Artwork

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You!, the player. Without your patronage, we would have nothing but a bunch of code.

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