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Who is F12Games?

F12Games is a company that was formed for the express purpose of acquiring the game Evernight "The Reign of Darkness". F12Games's two founding members are:

Why did you purchase Evernight?

We are two old time players who really want to see the game, Evernight, revived with a thriving player community. Both of us have a firm belief and committment to making it happen.

What about the current state of the game... Can we still play?

Of course! We plan to make changes and re-launch the game with minimal service interruption. Internally, we have separated the game into a live version and various development stage versions.

What are your plans for Evernight?

Our immediate plans are to; port the game to new hardware, update the UI to modern web standards, and re-code the core game engine sections originally written in asp to asp.net. See (Plans).

You mentioned "re-launch"... What does that mean really?

We are planning on re-launching the game by mid-to-late August and it will essentially be the same game with an updated web user interface. No changes will be made to the actual game mechanics such as fury and treasure resources, purse allocations, or entity balancing. All player standings will remain (no reset).

Can I help?

Yes! Absolutely. We will be looking for help in many areas, from technical, to artistic, to creative writing, etc. You name it. If you have talents or abilities you feel can contribute to making Evernight a better game, we definitely want to hear from you. There will be some guidelines for idea submissions and we'll be more specific in the coming months.

How can I share my ideas and suggestions?

The best way for now is to join us in the game lobby newsgroup "Community Feedback 2016." That is the primary location we will be monitoring and responding to on a daily basis. If the matter is of the utmost importance or you are just not getting the desired results in the news groups, then contact support.

How much will it cost to play?

During transition and development and probably beyond, play will be free. Players who wish to make donations or maintain a subscription as a show of support will certainly be very much appreciated.

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