Our plans

Done - June 1, 2012.

Purchase the Game

Two players purchase the game with the intent of restoring the realm of Media and its hearty community to its former glory.
35% Complete (success)
65% Complete
65% Complete (danger)

Port the game interface to modern web technologies and standards.

While retaining the underlying game engine, our goal is to say goodbye to:
  • classic asp
  • frames
  • pop-up windows
Initial goals include making game play friendlier to a wider range of devices, enable more frequent updates and upgrades, as well as:
  • modern blog
  • forum
  • wiki
35% Complete (success)
10% On-Going
65% Complete (danger)

Gather player feedback, suggestions, and ideas.

While we're busy working on the initial re-launch we want all the feedback, suggestions, and ideas from players as we can get, so as much as possible we can prioritize what issues matter to players most.
35% Complete (success)
60% In progress
65% Complete (danger)

Immediate bug/problem fixes.

Our main focus right now is finishing the initial re-launch. In the meantime we will strive to try to fix the most glaring bugs and problems that exist in the current game.
35% Complete (success)
65% Complete
35% Complete

Initial re-launch with new interface.

Our initial target date for the initial re-launch is by end of August 2012.
Status: Target date: by end of August 2012.
35% Complete (success)
65% Complete
1% Coming soon

Continued improvements, fixes, and upgrades.

Once the initial re-launch has been completed, the next phase will be ongoing improvements and upgrades based substantially on player feedback, suggestions and ideas.
35% Complete (success)
65% Complete
1% To Be Announced

Evernight V2

This is the anything goes phase. Everything is on the table. No idea will be off limits. Not game mechanics. Not game play. Not game rules. Not game lore. Evernight V2 will be a complete reworking of the game engine and structure. We want to be able to make all the kinds of changes that are physically not possible with the current structure.
Evernight "classic" will of course be retained for as long as there are players who want to play the original (mostly) unchanged version.

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